Easy Tips On How To Decorate A Room With Posters

Posters are a great way to express yourself through your favorite art, design, bands, and movies. With one look at your room, someone can see who you are and what you like. One of the biggest trends today in interior design is decorating walls with various posters. It is an easy way to express yourself and a great way of decorating empty rooms and boring spaces.

Wall art does not only look modern and stylish but it often helps to conceal various flaws of a room. You can use posters to decorate a room the way you like it and prefer it. But sometimes it looks easier than it really is. Interior design and redecorating your home can be really intimidating. How do you choose the perfect poster for your bedroom, office, or living room, and what prints and colors are suitable?

WePosters will advise you on how to choose your ideal wall art decoration and how to make it suitable for your decor. So, keep reading and find out how easy it can be…

Choose poster design

Before we start with the other important things for the decorating process, you can start with choosing a nice poster design.

Do you like movie posters, music posters, or a cool sport poster? Or do you prefer a more abstract and calm wall art print? After you choose what kind of print(s) you want to decorate your room you can start looking at the sizes and color palettes.

The Size of your poster matters!

The first mistake that many people make when purchasing wall art, is that they always underestimate the size of the poster/art print that is needed to make the right impact on their walls.

The size you think you need may seem “big” to you after measuring your space up close. But you won’t look at your posters up close, so from a distance, it will always look smaller. Simply put, go bigger and it’ll probably look better!

You can also use the size of the posters to correct the flaws in the room. With the help of correctly placed posters, you can distinguish various zones within one space of the room.

If you want to increase the height of the ceiling, then you can use posters that are vertically and hang them like this in the room. For an interior with massive furniture you can try large-sized posters, small pictures will simply be lost in there.

Colors, colors and more colors…

Use posters with a similar color palette. This is important because then the prints will become one, and they will blend with the rest of the room. Separate lighter-colored posters from prints that have darker colors. Choose one stack to display in your room so the designs don’t strain your eyes when you look at them.

One easy way to find your color palette is to choose 2-3 colors from one of your posters, that you want to feature in the designated space. This way the colors of your room will match with the colors of your wall art. At WePosters you can find posters with every kind of print and color you like.

Finally… Find the right spot for your wall art

So you now found the right poster prints with the perfect size(s) and a matching color palette. Then last but not least… We must find the right place for your poster prints. There are generally no restrictions for where to put your wall art, but not near the TV!

Good places for small and medium-sized posters are above the console table, sofa, fireplace, or headboard. Large and oversized posters have to get their own spot, away from your furniture and other wall art prints. They need a neutral space so they stand out.

Now you know our tips for decorating your room with all kinds of posters. It is not always easy to find the perfect sizes, colors, and designs for your new posters, but with the easy tips from WePosters you will definitely succeed in decorating your room next time. Good luck!


If you need any poster design or size that is not on our website WePosters.com, you can always contact us and we will customize your favorite print and size. Have fun decorating!

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