How To Frame And Hang A Poster?

Framing a poster ensures that the print or photo that you bought stands out even better. We get a lot of questions about whether you should frame your wall art or not, and how to do this. And what are the best places to hang your poster. It all may seem difficult, but we will give you the best tips, so your posters will look new and will get the perfect spot in your interior. With these tips, your posters will never look the same!

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What do you need?

Posters are very easy to frame and hang yourself. There is of course also the possibility to buy a print that is already framed. So if you don’t have time to do it yourself you can always go with a framed poster, these look great too.

There are different ways to frame your poster. We will show you how to do this and what are the best places to hang your artwork.


β€’ Frame
β€’ Poster print
β€’ Acid-free tape
β€’ Duct tape

Let’s frame your poster

Make sure you have a clean and dust-free working space, to prevent it from ending up on the print. Also, avoid touching the poster, so your fingerprints won’t end up making the print dirty.

Wooden frame 1

DIY Natural Wood Frame For Canvas Painting


Overturn the painting and use the pen to mark the wood position on the painting.

Please make sure the wood angle faces the angle and then the narrow side of the groove toward inwardly. Make sure the wood edge and the painting edge with each other, this is very important.


Use the tape fixed the wood on correct position.


Rip off the double adhesive tape one by one, then install the wood, to make sure the painting angle is clamped between the wood angles. Press the wood to be more fixed.


Input the β€œU” nail into the corner of the wood and insert the cardboard into the frame to stabilize it.

With this frame you won’t see the wooden construction itself, but the poster print is more stabilized and looks more artistic.

Wooden frame 2

If you prefer a visible frame, then you should use these easy tips to mount it yourself.


This type of frame mostly consists of a back. Remove this back first, this should be very easy.


Place the poster mostly consisting of a white boarder of 3 -5 cm) in the frame and smooth out the wrinkles that showed up. You can also use a mat, this will make sure the print is more stable. If you are using a mat you need to make sure the print is positioned evenly over the mat, and you need to tape it in the corners, the top and the bottom.


Now you can re-install the back, and you are done with framing your poster.

How to hang your poster?

In our previous article, you will find the best tips on how to decorate your room with posters. Here you will read how to find the right spot for your wall art.

The most important thing is that you hang the wall art in a place that satisfies you and that looks good from your perspective.

Have fun decorating your room with your framed prints!

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