Top 5 Best Posters Online For 2022

What posters will be popular in 2022? We will reveal the top 5 best posters to buy online and advise you on the bestsellers of WePosters.

The most important part about decorating your office, home, or college dorm room is showing off your personality. And the best way to show off your individuality is by hanging up a few popular posters, so people can get an idea of whom they’re dealing with when they get to know you.

It’s hard to say what the perfect poster looks like. However, this top 5 of amazing poster designs for 2022 come pretty close. We hope these posters will inspire you for your fresh interior decoration in the new year.


Travel Posters

If you love traveling, you must want the memories around you, right? If you want travel posters of the places you travelled to or the next destinations to travel to, then WePosters is the right place to be. Nordic and Scandinavia Landscape posters are definitely going to be a bestseller in 2022. This is one of my favorites and a very popular print.

1. “Travel Middle Earth Landscape Canvas”

If you’re a travel enthusiast like me, all this probably makes you as excited as me. I like something extraordinary and abstract. These Travel Middle Earth Landscape posters are perfect to hang in your bedroom or at the office. They are colorful, abstractive and will brighten the room and make you dream about these great places to travel to.


Movie Posters

Movies bring us to a place that we can only dream of. With these popular movie posters you will bring your favorite movie scenes and characters back to life, by hanging them on your favorite wall. Dream of your favorite movies with the amazing movie posters from WePosters.

I will show you two of my all-time favorite movie posters. These prints are very popular and we definitely recommend purchasing one for 2022.

2. “Potter Poster Hogwarts Castle”

The best movie posters remind us of the fantasy lands that await our imaginations. Especially the famous Harry Potter Posters. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Then the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Wall Art is perfect for you! They will bring warmth and magic to your walls, so you can dream of a magical world far away from here. The Harry Potter Castle posters are a real eye-catcher in the room and will tell other people that you are a real fan and admirer.


3. “Camel Desert Tintin Adventure”

In love with the adventures of Tintin? Then this retro Tintin wall art poster is the right choice for you. The adventures of Tintin are one of the most popular movies of all time. So for the real fans it can bring back memories and you can dream of your favorite adventure of Tintin and his funny dog. For 2022 this will definitely be one to remember. WePosters offers different Tintin prints in varied colors and of different adventures.


Music Posters

For music lovers the idea of a great artist poster requires little-to-no explanation. Whether you count yourself among the biggest poster collectors or just a casual admirer, your appreciation level is guaranteed to rise when you scroll through the poster collection of WePosters.

4. “Lana Del Rey Pop Art”

Are you an admirer of Justin Bieber, ASAP Rocky or are obsessed with Lana Del Rey posters? WePosters offers the biggest range of music posters of your favorite artists and concerts. Select your favorite canvas wall art and decorate your wall with world’s most famous artists. The Lana Del Rey poster print is very popular and will be a good gift for 2022.


Sport Posters

Buying sports posters is a labor of love for many people. Everyone has a sport they adore or that inspires them. People place their favorite sport idols on their walls and these posters let others get to know them. For the sports fan, the perfect poster can remind you of great moments and epic sport memories.

5. “Michael Jordan Classic”

Sport posters can be very personal and tell a lot about someone’s personality. Michael Jordan is one of those sport idols that inspires a lot of people and can motivate a person when they are reminded by his greatness. These amazing Michael Jordan Posters will inspire you and will be a real eye-catcher for your bedroom or office. Motivational sport posters were already trending in 2021, so the Michael Jordan poster is definitely one to remember for 2022.

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