Vocaloid Miku Append Canvas Wall Art 40x60cm Scroll Painting By Kei Fujita


40x60cm Vocaloid Miku Append Kei Fujita Saki Cameltoe Art Wall Picture Mural Scroll Canvas Painting Poster
Vocaloid Miku Append Canvas Wall Art 40x60cm Scroll Painting By Kei Fujita $42.99
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Vocaloid Miku Append Kei Fujita Saki Artwork 40x60cm Canvas Wall Scroll Poster Home Decor Mural Painting

Experience the unique blend of Japanese art and music with the Vocaloid Miku Append Canvas Wall Art Scroll Painting by Kei Fujita. Measuring 40x60cm, this canvas wall scroll poster is a striking piece of artwork that will enhance any room’s decor.

Printed on high-quality canvas using waterproof ink, this vibrant poster is inspired by the Vocaloid games and music projects, including Diva X and Future Tone. The artwork features popular characters such as Nemesis No Juukou Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Gumi, Kagamine Len, and Kaito, among others.

This poster is not just a piece of art; it’s a symphony of style, creativity, and inspiration. It’s a celebration of the unique beauty of Japanese culture, anime, and music. Whether you’re a fan of Vocaloid or just love unique art, this poster is sure to inspire and delight.

The style of the scroll painting is inherently Japanese, making it a perfect piece for any true connoisseur of Asian art forms. It doesn’t come with a frame, allowing you to choose your own to match your interior style.

This Vocaloid Miku Append Kei Fujita Saki Artwork Canvas Wall Scroll Poster is more than just a decoration; it’s a statement of love for the unique and creative. It’s a treat for the eyes, a spark for the imagination, and a source of inspiration for the mind.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of creativity to your home or office, or you’re searching for the perfect gift for an anime lover, this canvas wall scroll poster is a fantastic choice. So, bring home this piece of art today and immerse yourself in the world of Vocaloid.

Features and Benefits:

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    Material: No selection


    Subjects: No selection

    Vocaloid Games And Music Project Diva X Project Diva Future Tone

    Type: No selection


    Support Base: No selection


    Form: No selection


    Frame: No selection


    Frame Mode: No selection

    Scroll Painting

    Style: No selection

    Japan Style

    Original: No selection


    Medium: No selection

    Waterproof Ink

    Technics: No selection

    Spray Painting

    Characters 1: No selection

    Series Nemesis No Juukou Hatsune Miku Kagamine Rin

    Characters 2: No selection

    Gumi Kagamine Len Kaito Megurine Luka Kagamine Mirrors

    Anime Region: No selection

    Japan Kai-ri-sei Million Arthur Fujita Saki Singer (meta)

    Note 1: No selection

    Meiko (vocaloid) Kamui Gakupo Ia Append Megurine Luka

    Note 2: No selection

    Project Diva 2nd Hatsune Mikuo Vocaloid (parody) Anime Vocaloid

    Pattern: No selection

    Lolita Loli Girl Cosplay Cg Art Doujinshi Wallpaper Stick Poster

    Nature: No selection

    Megane Breasts Thighhighs Pantsu Naked No Bra Open Shirt Seifuku